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2004 M3

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As my Miata no longer has a check engine light.. I needed something else that could provide that:


Bought as a non crank, non running car.. how bad could it be..

Arrived with some questionable features.. some white fluid on the back seat, flat rear tire, empty battery and a steering wheel where somebody chewed on.. 

After cleaning it out and cleaning it with a lot of clorox wipes.. it was time for some diagnosing.. changed the battery and got it to show some signs of life.. still no start, but the SMG at least shifted gears, which was a major relief. Still wasn't able to crank as I could phyisicly turn the key.. as it was held together by electrical tape


Rigged up a better solution:


Still no sound from the engine bay.. When I bought the car the fuse box was open.. it should have been checked..


But happy they didn't check everything.. 5 amp fuse later:


You have to be lucky sometimes..


Now it's no long only suitable for part out.. it't time to get it ready for daily duty and some mild DE use.  




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Most expensive fuse EVAH.


Congrats. That key is a masterpiece 

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17 hours ago, __clu said:

Perfect. Now SMG delete!

That was the back up plan in case it didn't run.. but as it appears to be working I'm planning on just running as is for now. Might be easier to sell and get one that has a 6 speed than doing the conversion myself. 

14 hours ago, Kong Sheng Han said:

I have minty black rear seats if you need them.

Thanks for the offer, unfortunately I have a grey interior. I am looking for a SMG steering wheel to replace this thing:


And a gray trunk, to get it looking a little classier. Peeling clear coat CSL Carbon Fiberglass isn't the best look.. 


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On 10/2/2019 at 9:47 PM, edison_GTI said:

Nice find, how does it drive?

The SMG is weird! It's like your passenger is shifting when it's in automatic mode. Using the paddles it ain't too bad.. but end goal is definitely to get a 3rd pedal into place. 

The ride otherwise is pretty rough.. up on closer inspection I found these on the car.. more surprises: 


From the ECS budget corner, some Godspeed Mono RS coil overs... with camber plates adjusted for no extra camber. Once I'll have the maintenance up to date I'll have a go at adjusting it and see if I can get some better road manners out of it. 



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I have a buddy with an SMG leather wheel. If you’re interested, I can ask for photos and price. I also know a guy in Katy who could probably repaint your trunk if you wanna go that route...shouldn’t be more than $300-400. He painted my track car’s front bumper a while back. 

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