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Edge Addicts Oct 12 & 13

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Who's in? This will be my 2nd time at COTA, and 2nd time running with Edge Addicts.

EA put on a fantastic event at MSR Cresson on the 3.1 recently, and if COTA is anything like it...then I'll need to bring an extra set of tires and brake pads to try and soak up all the track time!

I'll admit my first go at this I was chicken and didn't push..plus it rained on day 2. If it's dry, I'm going for it this round.



Speaking of which: If anyone needs any small..ish parts delivered to Austin from Dallas or vice versa, hit me up. I'll have some room on the back of the Leroy Brown (my pickup)

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I love EA and I will be there both days instructing.  Unless evil work steals me away.  So far only tested new build on HHR and temps went up VERY fast.  Adding oil cooler and ducting. We shall see.

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