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6 hours ago, lobster said:

The lap I was behind you, you were running roughly 1:44 +/-      you're looking good out there, that car is a beast and has a lot in it.    

I'm DTF whenever!  That was totes fun.   

An oddly large amount of really slow people on track yesterday tho.  Kind of strange. 

In spite of that I managed some 39's on used up Toyo RR's, look to be on track per data to hit a 37 come January with some sticker hoosiers. 

Unfortunately we got to play when both our tires where overheated and dead! Git a bit afraid when I saw you going slightly towards off track when I pushed you a bit! Good drifting fun though From both parties!! Next time I should do two warm up laps and 1 flying lap to see what is going on. Good chance to be close to the 40 if Not lower if I manage to withhold myself from Power drifting!

i really enjoyed the description from (apologies for forgetting the name), our friend with the black BRZ that was just behind me and I started sliding...in 2 seconds a full array of feelings he said from “oh he’s gone” to “ cool stuff” lol



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A bit late but here's my vid as a backmarker. 1:54 was the best I could do, but I know I can do <1:50 in my track car. Some fun moments at the end of the vid, including a couple of lobster's power slides.



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