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5 hours ago, Kong Sheng Han said:

I’m patiently waiting for the email informing me that everything I ordered is out of stock ?

It told me one item was out of stock when I went to checkout. So you may be in luck...

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6 hours ago, Solo_S14 said:

Damn, I got an email saying it would be 7-10 days to arrive, no cancellations yet...

Same..until I called them to ask if the visor I ordered is the correct one for the GF RIFT helmet. Then boom, he tells me the HANS and balaclava I ordered are out of stock. At the time, he still had 700 orders to process, and refunds will be issued when the processing stage is reached. I fully expect they’ll refund my helmet order.

Also, some things shouldn’t have been on sale...


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Hans and FR balaclava cancelled / refunded today.  Perhaps it’s because she was a small size, but the rest of her order, including the only small helmet they had on the site went through (plus some FR socks for this guy)...

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I replied to the hans cancellation email the other day asking for info on the rest of the order.  He said it was shipping out that day (Thursday), then this AM I received a text saying it was being shipped, but no detail.  Did you get tracking info?

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I got everything I ordered, Suit, socks, visors, and transponder. Order 212. I also ordered a shock pressurizer thing in another order and I have not recieved any info on that yet. It was order 430 or so. 

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