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Embarrassing mix-up, thoughts?

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As the story goes, a few months back I picked up some SM7 and Toyo RR take-offs.  All 205 SM sizes.

Separately, while stock piling parts, I had picked up some Kosei K8R’s.....which for some reason recently I assumed were 15x8.....they’re 15x9.

Anyway I threw everything in the back of the car and took them for mounting.....with somewhat hilarious, balloon’y, results.





So, Option #1 - remove the RR’s and get them mounted on my 15x7 Borbet’s (reference RE71R in 205 here):




Option #2 - remove the RR’s, and run the SM7’s on the 15x9’s.....they appear to sit static at ~5/8” - 3/4” wider than the RR’s at the outer edge of the bead.  6-3/4” vs 7-1/2” or 7-3/8” ish.  The tread patch also seems to run ~0.5” wider.....thinking that’s still sketchy, so revert to Option #1.  Thoughts?

Besides “stop being dumb”, or “buy 15x8’s”.....unless someone has a smoking deal on 15x8’s for tomorrow.




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205 Hooisers belong on a 9, so just do that when the time comes. And I would run the RR on the 9, doesn't even look all that stretched really. When you properly match tread width to wheel width (which will be beyond the manufacturer recommended width b/c lawyers) the sidewall will appear stretched. It's fine, we're not talking hellaflush stretch that's pulling the tire waayyy away from the bead. If anyone tells you it dangerous tell them Cabo said they're wrong. 

I even ran 205 RC1's on 9's for a hot minute, which are narrower than RR's. Was a-ok.

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Hrm, I hadn’t considered sending it.

The Toyo’s list an 8.5” section width.  For comparison, the Hoosiers list 8.7”.





That inner lip looks like it’s uncomfortable...



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3 hours ago, Solo_S14 said:




Anyone that posts that picture (of what has to be one of my realitives) knows the answer to miata tire fitment questions is always SEND 😜

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That’s a little too stretched for my taste, but I error on the side of caution. 

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