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Constant AIM Solo2 issues (vs trouble-free Solo)?

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Curious if anyone else has upgraded from the AIM Solo to the Solo2 and has had a similar experience to mine?

I upgraded from a SoloDL to a Solo2 DL in March (about 6 months ago), and have had nothing but constant issues with the Solo2. I'm getting useless/nonsensical/inaccurate g-force data from the Solo2. This is even after having to send my Solo2 in for service due to it constantly losing GPS accuracy mid-session and stopping both lap-timing and predictive timing. AIM fixed the timing issue by replacing the GPS antenna, however my Solo2's g-force data (both internal accelerometers & GPS-derived g-force data) is either completely nonsensical on the internal accelerometers, or super "jaggy" and all over the place for the GPS-derived data. This makes it impossible to do any sort of relative analysis.

I feel like I either have a lemon of a Solo2 unit, or the Solo2's are just inherently problematic vs the Solos. I had no issues with my Solo in several years of ownership, and it's super-frustrating wasting testing session after testing session with the Solo2 collecting what ends up being useless g-force data. 

Any thoughts/suggestions welcome.

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18 hours ago, N546RV said:

I can't offer anything other than a data point: I bought my Solo 2 DL late last year, and it's worked perfectly for me, no issues whatsoever.

Ditto. Sorry you guys are having trouble. 

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