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##SOLD## 16ft open trailer wood deck

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## SOLD ##

I just bought this trailer used, but it was my first trailer and I didn't know any better.

It was sold to me as a 20ft trailer, but the deck is actually 14ft with a 2ft dovetail at the end. I've been using it to tow my Vette. Works fine, but too short for my tastes and I want to get a longer one.

It has new tires all around plus a spare, a bulldog hitch, lights work, steel ramps, and a tire rack already on it. Fenders are NOT removable. I have some 2x12 wood planks on there to raise the height (not pictured) but are screwed in and easily removed if you want.


Tandem axle with brakes on the rear

Located in south Dallas (Pleasant Grove).

Looking to get $1,900

Will throw in another spare plus a tub of used Mac's tie downs for the buyer.




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Hey dude! Same to you!! I didn't realize you were a fellow TJ too. Hope it serves you well, brother ! Maybe I'll see you at the track sometime and check how things are working out

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