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Jack Smyth memorial service

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Most of you have probably heard by now, but Jack Smyth passed away last week. Jack is a long time track and S2000 guy from Houston. I was asked to pass along details on his memorial service.

Image may contain: Jack Smyth, smiling, beard, outdoor and closeup

When: Friday August 23rd at 11am

Where: Northwoods Presbyterian Church
             3320 Cypress Creek Pkwy
             Houston Tx 77068

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Was definitely a gut punch when I saw Rick share this on FB. I never shared a car with him, but he was present for the track-noob event that Track Time Performance put on not too long before my first event, and I chatted with him on several occasions thereafter. So while I can't claim to know him well, the impressions I got were always solid. He seemed really into sharing the knowledge and helping people.


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