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Whos in?  

First time with NASA? Use NEW-2-NASA-78898 for 20% off purchase of membership and event.

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Join us for HPDE, Time Trial, and Racing on the fastest track in the South! The Texas Motor Speedway Roval! 
Time trial and HPDE will run on the fast 1.07 mile infield course pictured here. Lots of laps means lots of time to get close to that perfect lap! 

Thumb texasmotorspeedway 1 1
Racers will run on the extremely fast, full, 2.32 mile roval course utilizing a chicane near start finish. 

Thumb texasmotorspeedway 2 1


HPDE/TT Friday
$99 for tons of track time in a pointby passing group on the 1 mile infield course. Short course means lots of laps perfecting it! 
Tentative Friday schedule can be found HERE. Any TT drivers looking to test Friday will be in this group as well. 

HPDE Saturday & Sunday
$249 for two days of driving on the fast, exciting, 1mile infield course. One day entries may open up if there's room closer to the event. 

Comp License Evaluation
Classroom, on-track drills, and written testing will be done all on Friday. The $799 entry fee includes the racing fee for the weekend. Classroom, on-track exercises, and testing all day Friday, then racing Saturday and Sunday. This price includes the two days of racing entry. Must be advanced level driver with full racecar. Medical must be on file with the national office before the event. 

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20 hours ago, Shuka said:

@V6Donut I know you have to pay for RV with power, but can we park in that area (without power) to be near our homies? There are like 100 RV spots and like 8 people signed up for it. Otherwise we'll be on the other side of the world from them. 

Hi @Shuka, I don't see any reason why you couldn't. I believe @pmptx will be parking his RV with the homies. 

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On 8/14/2019 at 3:12 PM, pmptx said:

I was planning on parking in an RV spot  (near the homeies)but not hooking up.  Chase if you can get which ones are assigned, it will help us not park in someone's spot.

RIght now all I see is garage spots. 



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Waiting for the full story for this event

TT and HPDE cancelled for day 2 due to track incident exposing a safety issue

Was blistering hot today, and several incidents here and there caused big delay after first sessions lasting a few hours

Let's see what comes of this. First impression seems that TMS either needs to make some changes to the track somehow, or will simply no longer allow non caged cars at all....not even for just the in infield.

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Guest lobster

The big delay was them trying to fix the timing loop 


the cancellation was from a de1 car exposing a risk to the nascar lights they didn’t want to risk so they want barriers in front of them for next time.

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