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First time at COTA

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Ran my car at Circuit of the Americas for the first time!
first i replaced all 5 ARP wheel studs on the hub that snaped the lug off. and a fresh brake bleed with Castrol SRF.
when i tried to race the WRL corvette there with half the horsepower and grip of my car i was only able to run a 2:48. so my goal was to break 2:40 for a best lap.
in my very first (and second) session i ran a best of 2:33! off to a good start!
in the very last session in the 99 degree heat, when the track and tires were greasy as hell and horsepower was way down, i managed to click off a 2:30.5 and a 2:30.6! i was SUPER happy with that for my first time out. i know theres alot left of the table between temps and car, and learning the track better.
was a heck of an experience! incredible track. did bring out some glaring issues in the car ive always had. need to address those. for one oil temps got to 300 degrees and rising, had to do a cool down lap. water temps seemed to start to plateau about 248. and some handling issues ive always fought. very demanding and technical track! but we survived and conquered it.
more big updates to come!

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Holy CRAP. 248 coolant, had you told me prior to being a Vette owner i'd of never believed a headgasket would stay together on that temp.  Nice looking rig and looks like you had a nice day with sun. 

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Awesome first time!  My coolant temps were up there too in June out there in my M2.  On the back straight felt like I could go faster if I got out and pushed, ugh.  

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