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Captain Buddha

Jumping Into the Trans Am Series....TA2!!

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A fantastic first Trans Am Series Racing weekend at COTA! My pro racing debut! It was like drinking from a firehose! Finished P21 out of 32 in the #59 Manufacturing News Chevy Camaro, there’s a LOT of room for improvement...will be working on that for the next race...Daytona!! Thank you to Troy and Ed and Rick and Rick, Andy and Emrah of TRB Autosport and Cameron Lawrence for all the coaching!



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Next race: November 13 - 17, 2019

Daytona Trans Am is right at a month away...soooooo looking forward to that!!!! My FAVORITE track!!

Trans Am will be there along with the HSR for the Classic Daytona and Daytona Historics events - including the Classic 24 Hour!!

Trans Am Racing Info (entry list, schedule, etc):

We (TA2) race at 11:25AM - 12:30PM on Saturday, November 16, 2019
(65 minutes, 100 miles or 40 laps)

Come out and watch the fun!!

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So...WOW...Daytona...my FAVORITE track!! I was 3+ seconds faster straight off the transporter compared to my last time there (2015 Runoffs). Such a big, beautiful, hold your throttle down all the way kind of track!! I got faster and faster every session. I also was facing some really serious / FAST competition! Remember, this is Trans Am! I ended up qualifying P17 out of 25. I knew that I'd move forward and make some passes in key areas...my braking and work in the infield are pretty good compared to even faster drivers. The Mustangs have more of an aero and engine advantage and that was pretty clear. The draft makes a huge difference too! So, I'd draft as much as I could. There ended up being FOUR full course yellows...so, restarts ended up being KEY! My first restart was OK, didn't gain, didn't lose...but didn't make any big moves either...well, the 2nd and 3rd restarts were MONSTROUS! As in, 2-3 cars passed....yahoo! There was a lot of chaos in front of me, on me, next to me, behind me, etc. during the race. Crazy fun! So...how did I finish? Well, that's a GREAT question!! A guy that turned into me during the race ended up getting some of his own carma (karma, get it?) a few laps later...it brought out the 4th FCY and the race was checkered...I got 10th!!! Woo hoo!! Top 10 at Daytona!!

Then, an even better bit of news...the winner was DQ'ed, as if he didn't even run....due to wing height being out of spec...so, we all moved up...P9!!

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