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8 hours ago, hornetball said:

I'm down to 1 German car.  Whew!

I want to go down to one car.


overall the Turbo was a great car, definitely the best every day 911 that you can buy between 2000 and 2012.

the reason why is simple: it is comfortable but still feels special. Modern 911s miss one or the other

 the drivetrain is a masterpiece that is fun on the road with its boost, letting you be a hooligan without trying to kill you as the awd system really works well in powerslides.

 On track she is heavy and you won’t be the fastest out there but she handles great and you will leave the track with a million smiles.

at $40k they are better than other naturally aspirated 997S options and much cheaper than 997 Turbos. If you want to scratch the 911 its, I’d definitely consider these.

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49 minutes ago, lonestarrpm said:

what tires were you using for the 996TT for driving to the track?


I used the General GMax that the dealer generously installed when I purchased the car. Absolutely garbage but great for power slides. I literally did 2 sessions before one delaminated so it wasn’t really a “day at the track”.

i then switched to PZero, stiffer shoulder but much better handling. I have not taken the car to the track again.

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