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weekly TJ's iracing race starting tonight

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uuuuggggghhhhh quit your job and play games with me.  



the session will be 'lobstersauce" 


the pw will be nickisafineboi     





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2 hours ago, Hollywood said:

Post details here pls -- some of us actually work while in the office.

Sorry to hear that :(

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19 minutes ago, robertcope said:

Sorry to hear that 😞

Not as sorry as me pal

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7:30Central 90 minute practice 

10 minute qualifying 

20 minute race 


thinking Road atlanta in the global MX5  




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well.. due to feed back today and last weeks turnout, i believe its best to move the weekly race to thursdays.   


So same details but tomorrow night instead of tonight. 


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Iracing tonight 



7:30pm practice 90 minutes

10 minute qual 20 minute race


global mx5 at road Atlanta 

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