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9 hours ago, lobster said:

But y tho?



Long, rambling train of thought - My "super great deal" used APR Carbon wing is falling apart. Literally - Clear coat is flaking to pieces, end plate inserts have started separating, etc.  What i should have done was get the Nine lives aluminum wing that I was eyeballing before this one popped up for sale. The chassis mount I made was a fun project for me to tinker on, but let's be honest it's kind of unnecessary for the amount of downforce the wing can produce at the speeds my car can achieve. Maybe a little trunk bracing would be necessary for max stiffness, but  the weighty steel cage I welded up is a howitzer for an ant hill ;)

Then there's the coolshirt cooler...I'd rather use the trunk real estate the chassis mount takes up for the coolshirt cooler that I am going to wire up this weekend. The passenger seat area is where I've seen most of them, but I do instruct DEs and so would like to retain the passenger seat most of the time, so two mounting locations would be nice.

So If I am looking at replacing the wing with the one that I wanted in the first place, that trunk mounts, I need a trunk lid. Mine is a shell with slots in it haha!

Anyone want a good deal on a cheap, bolt in BRZ chassis mount wing solution haha!

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