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Custom Texas Tracks - Sim Racing in 2019

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Hello Community,

Just got into sim racing (G920) and wanted to try as many custom Texas tracks as I could. Links were somewhat scattered among different forums so thought I'd make to list post to put everything under one post. Here is what I have found as of 4.10.2019.  If anyone can find direct links to update this list (Games or tracks) let me know and I will edit post. Enormous shout out to all the developers that put lord knows how many hours into creating these!

rFactor ( Special thanks to PlickBadger & cschoei for creating these! )

MSR Houston

Motorsport Ranch (Cresson)

Texas World Speedway

Harris Hill


rFactor 2 ( Thanks again Plickbadger! )

Motorsport Ranch (Cresson)



Assetto Corza - ( special thanks to clifton23! )

Texas World Speedway

MSR Cresson 3.1

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I just wanted to thank you for the AC links. I've been looking for a TWS AC mod And you posted a MSR Cresson, to boot!!

Now to see if I can make the other versions of TWS...

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