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Brand New in Box: TracCom Intercom full package (47% off)

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Hi folks, I purchased this a year or so ago thinking I would start instructing at HPDE events, but life got in the way and I quickly realized I didn't remotely have enough time to do that. 

This is a BRAND NEW, literally never been used full TracCom intercom package with all the bells and whistles. These units are WAY more reliable than the crappy Chatterbox and Nady systems that break constantly and are hard to hear. The TracCom system is LOUD (if you want it to be, there are separately adjustable volumes for driver and passenger ), and built with quality components and RF shielding so you can use it around cell phones without the annoying RF interference.

I paid $563.98 for everything, which includes the following:

Selling for $300 for all of the above (plus shipping cost if applicable). PM me if interested. 

I'm regularly at MSR Cresson if you want to meet in person, or i can ship within a day of confirmation (same day if you catch me early enough). 







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