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Empty my Garage Sale - V8R Miata Parts, Aero, GM LS Parts, Transmissions

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I have a bunch of stuff to move and rather than keep a list updated in multiple forums, I am going to share a google spreadsheet with links to prices, status and pictures of parts.

Most of the stuff is off of a 1999 Miata V8R LS Build that I am parting out. I also have some other miscellaneous stuff including, AST coil overs, LS parts and aero parts.

I'll be adding more pics of parts throughout the weekend.

All parts are used except the LS3 Crate Motor that was installed in a car but never started and the 8.8/Quaife differential assembly.


All parts are located in San Antonio but I am regularly in Austin, Dallas and Houston.





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I'll get you some pics in the morning. They are pretty clean track wheels, not show perfect but no rash or anything like that.

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Various pics of available parts











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Care to sell the front brakes separately from the hub/spindle assembly?

I'd put them on my nissan..  

would also be interested in the other set of RPF1s as package deal w/ the brakes.

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