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Touring Talk (aka) a “Drive”

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This may seem like an oxymoron for a forum named “TrackJunkies,” but I’m throwing this out there, nonetheless. 

For the wife and I, tracking and insructing is still an addiction, and racing w2w still rules, but with TWS gone we still have memories, mostly from S2KCA, of some wonderful drives in the TWS or Bluebonnet  areas.  

So why should the touring drive be restricted to S2000s or PCA, or any other marque?  There have to be TJs who either love a drive for their baby, or who would even like to stretch the legs on the street legal track horse car.

We’ve spent a couple of weekend days exploring and planning some beautiful drives in the Sam Houston National Forest and the Piney Woods area for starters.   Brenham and Fredericksburg are on the horizon.

Who might be in ?

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