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NA Miata for DD?

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... unless its in the low 40s or colder...  You'll get 24-26 mpg or so, you pretty much have to rev the thing out every shift to keep up with traffic nowadays, which is part of the enjoyment. 


Also, you can't beat a miata in the rain.  It'll make your commute 10x more fun, even with an open diff. 

This is the first convertible that I have had, so the novelty of driving home from work, blasting the heater in cold weather is part of the experience :) I've driven it like it's been stolen for the past month, and it STILL returns 24.5 MPG. Where has this been all my life lol?

It shouldn't be all that hard to parent better than I drive...Both are fun so far :)




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Some of ya'll have spent too much time in modern comfy vehicles with ample horsepower and it shows. Ya'll gettin' soft. The NA transmission tunnel with OEM carpet and what not in place ain't a "furnace", but maybe there's a big difference between NA6 and NA8. NA8 does have better A/C, if properly functioning, than NA6 along with a solid bump in power. Yeah they're loud, yeah they're slow, yes you need to drive them like you're on a gutless motorcycle on the freeway, but damn if it ain't still fun. I'm not saying I want to get in an accident in an NA, but I've never had issues (or been scared) in fast moving traffic on Dallas/Houston freeways, just get after it. I mean, isn't that the point? Getting to ring it out and still churning pedestrian speeds? :p It's fun for totally opposite reasons that my parents Merc e550 was fun (PPOOOWWWAAHHHHH!!! and comfort)


Just comes down to what you're looking for I reckon, but my NA has made a number of trips in the 4-10 hour range from home (Mobile, AL), to NOLA, to Hallett, etc. Blasting around town ain't no thang.



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Over the last ~15 years, I've DD'd all generations of Miatas ;)


Lemme give you a rundown:


1. 1991 - This was a HPDE car that was driven very regularly because it was hella fun. No PS, no AC. It had Tokico dampers and Eibach springs. In the spring/fall/winter it was a decent DD. Wind noise was strong, and there was a rattle here and there. Overall pretty OK and did a trek to Oklahoma City from Austin and wasn't uncomfortable.

2. 2008 PRHT - The best DD of them all, IMO. I had the GT model and added Bilstein HD damper and Eibach springs with FatCat bumpstops. Rode great, pretty quiet inside, no complaints at all. Did some New Mexico and Las Vegas runs in this one, great trips and didn't get out of the car complaining.

3. 2004 Mazdaspeed - Stock suspension was harsh and not all that comfortable, even still, did a Monterey, CA trip in it without too many complaints. Road/Wind noise is lower than the '91, but not as quiet as the '08. I've since got an OEM hard top on it and replaced the suspension with Flyin' Miata VMaxx Classics. Good DD now, but still not '08 level, but close. I'm going to pack the space beneath the parcel shelf this weekend to see if I can get some of the road noise down just because it's cheap and easy.

4. 2016 - Better than the '04 w/ soft top, noisier than '04 with HT. Done two Monterey, CA trips in this without much complaint. Interior room is VERY improved over all previous years (I also lost 100lbs, so that helps, lol, but even before that it was better). It's nice to have bluetooth and now CarPlay. I've got the RoadsterSport springs (300fr/200r) and it's still a good ride but not as good as the '08.


If you have specific questions of any of the above models, lemme know.