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2013 Camaro 1LE

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Had this thing for a couple of years now, recently finally ready to get back to the track. 

Yep I'm big, loud, heavy and slow.  So is the car.  Ok I'm not very loud.


I've become somewhat averse to always thinking about that new hot car, or always looking to buy a car to get more of xyz.  


So, the timing of that state of mind finds me in a generation old Camaro.  WTF...I've always been a Japanese or Euro import guy.  I guess in a way this Zeta chassis Camaro is a bit of an Australian import..?  eh...yeah it's a stretch. Why the heck did I buy this car?  Randy Pobst.  I blame that guy and his videos.  Not sure I'm too pleased with his influence currently.


For now, I'm stubbornly sticking to this completely inappropriate track car.  To that end:


What's been done:

-CAI CAI (I can't make this shit up - Cold Air Inductions is the company name)

-ZL1 brake upgrade, G-Loc pads 

-Ridetech coilovers (blech - soon to be replaced)

-Long tube headers....rawr

-Eaton Truetrack LSD (the OEM clutch type LSD was no longer LSD)

-4.11 Yukon ring&pinion (not much different than the OEM 3.91 - except louder)

-Mishimoto oil cooler

-Solid cradle bushings, poly and delrin diff bushings (OMG IT'S SO LOUD NOW)







To come:

-MCS TT2 on order to replace the Ridetech

-Vented hood (ala 2014 1LE hood or aftermarket)

-Seats, harnesses, half cage

-Mild weight loss efforts, for the car too

-305/30-19 RE71R

-Brake ducting

-Seat time, seat time, seat time



Current weight: not sure, well over 3900

Current power: 417whp - dynapack


Here she is in her current state with the big OEM 20" wheels and 285/35-20 Michelin PS4 at MSRH NASA HPDE Jan 2019 (what a dork, hey? I totally forgot about the stupid DRL fog light thingies that are always on unless you turn them off)




I'm sort of baffled (from my 3200lb car with massive to me at the time 255 NT01R) at how 285 is just not enough tire, not even.


Recently picked up 19x10 Forgestar CF-5 for a track set of wheels and 305/30-19 RE71R to go with. Leading up to the MSRH track weekend, I had the RE71R's mounted and ready to go.  



Then I finally had time to test fit, the Thursday before the track weekend.  Thanks to the low spring perch of the Ridetechs - it was a no go in the front. wah wah wah.




 It wasn't so bad, my street set of 285/35-20 PS4s did just fine with my hamfisted ways.



I'm expecting the fitment of the MCS suspension to better suit the spec of the track wheels, but they are a few weeks out at best considering the season is ramping up.  So meanwhile, I ordered longer ARP wheel studs and a couple of spacers.


Got the studs installed today, test fit the track wheels/tires this weekend.  Wooohoo!  I have slightly better grip. haha.


Oh boy, do I have hella poke in the front. Like...damn.



At least I couldn't see the hideous poke when I test drove.  Whoa, grip is pretty decent and turn-in is crispy.


Ironically - think the current state of the car, with the track wheels/tires is about how it felt with stock suspension and the OEM Goodyear F1 G:2 tires. 


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Does anyone make spats or whatever for the wheel arches? 



you need like -9 camber for the front to get those tucked up under there.   


Ha. This is very temporary, hopefully just for the TDE event at MSR next weekend.  25mm spacer for clearance from the spring.  Might could use a little less spacer, but this is what I have and don't want to invest a lot of effort into a temporary sucky setup.

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10 hours ago, Solo_S14 said:

Ughh, what happened?

Self inflicted. Shiny object syndrome.

Valve tick was bugging me, so in the interest of "preventative maintenance" I took it to the shop for a mild road course cam package and oil pan baffle (might as well). Would have been done a while ago had I stuck to the original plan.

As I was talking with the shop, something else interesting came up that was too hard to resist...now an engine swap is in the works.  Way more power than I need, or the car needs for road course, but knowing it's built bottom up for that kind of abuse does give some comfort. Similar build to what LG and others used to road race in times past. The old school way - darton sleeved aluminum block, callies internals etc.

It may be too much for me to handle, which could be a path to a Miata or something like it ?

I had NO intention of adding any significant power to this thing, the mild cam job would have been perfect probably not much change in peak but a nice broad mid range swell.  I WAS going to focus on grip and safety first.  

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HAHA! I was thinking the motor coming out in the first post looked awfully clean, so I was hoping it wasn't a huge major failure...Good luck with the power bump! Reliability dollars spent in the right places, are spent wisely IMHO. Cant wait to see the results!  

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20 minutes ago, joesurf79 said:

HAHA! I was thinking the motor coming out in the first post looked awfully clean, so I was hoping it wasn't a huge major failure...Good luck with the power bump! Reliability dollars spent in the right places, are spent wisely IMHO. Cant wait to see the results!  

Ha yep, busted!  It was healthy as it was. 417whp 40k or so miles. The modest cam job would have been a nice broad 450-ish whp.

Now...not sure what peak will be, but...well north of 500.  This exact build made over 600 in a Corvette ?

I might need to look into a restrictor plate 

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Modern Airflow Dynamics is finally done with my engine.  My rebuilt differential  (it was FUBAR'd, don't take your sports car diff to a jeep shop) by a pro in Dallas is finally done, and with OEM 3.91 gears back in it (say no to Yukon gears)

Now I'm 3rd or 4th in line for the reassembly (no I don't have the skill, will or space to DIY), and then the tuning schedule with Pat G - LS tuning guru.

Will I have my car back before 2020? Not sure I care anymore. Talk about a year of hindsight...

This wasted money could have bought a lightweight track purpose something or other for cheap and buckets of seat time to go with it.

It's rather ironic that I'm a supposed TJ, when I have only been on the track for 1 weekend in all of 2019.  

In other news my "racebike" aka static display of partially disassembled junk, is still INOP.  

Am I even a TJ?  I don't think I qualify.  Things I could have done to scratch the itch and didn't do:

-Kart rentals

-share/borrow/rent track cars

-More time on the motocross tracks (only went a few times)

-Jump out of airplanes

-learn to hangglide

-take flying lessons


What did I do instead?  Moped, drank too much, acted as a generally cranky a-hole much of the year.  What have I become?


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