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SCCA “POLAR PRIX” Hoosier Tire Super Tour @ COTA Feb 7-10, 2019

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SCCA “POLAR PRIX” Hoosier Tire Super Tour

SCCA - Lone Star Region

Friday, Feb 8 — Sunday, Feb 10, 2019

Circuit of the Americas, Austin, TX


***Thursday is a full test day***


Registration/more info here:



Come awwwwwwn!! I'll be running the new TA2 Camaro here - going to be fun!!

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In for SM!  Not gonna test Thursday because I am going to get my ass handed to me anyways in this field so not worth the time off and miles on the car.

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Interested to hear how the surface is after the re-pave

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Quite a crazy weekend!!


The Wednesday test did not go so great, crummy cold/rainy weather and then contact in the carousel with another car resulted in a spin and some damage - got that all repaired and then the WX just went worse.


Went out for Friday Practice and spun at the top of T1 on the out lap, just BARELY touched the throttle...big spin and then crunch crunch....broken ring gear...that was the end of that session, so no official practice....


The crew at TRB Autosport put a new rear end in and I went out for Qual 1 on Friday afternoon - last, of course, because they grid by Practice times....so, stuck in traffic and then by the time I get a clean lap the WX deteriorates and I ended up P9 from what I recall...it is what it is...at least I qualified! LOL!!


Saturday morning is Qual 2 - and it's raining....well, I need to test the new Pirelli wets, I have never driven on them, so, no time like the present...I'm one of a dozen or so cars that go out....great news - I'm the fastest of all the cars that decided to go out!! But, that didn't mean anything as the wet times were nothing like the good dry times from Qual 1....so I'm still at P9....that's OK, this Qual 2 was VERY key - why? Well, it might just help me on Sunday....more on that later....


Saturday afternoon is Race 1. I'm starting P9 - the red Viper (Mark Kirby) and I had a great back n forth battle, he got me at the end and I was unable to get by, ended up P3! First time on the podium at COTA!!! A newcomer to SCCA/GT2 is Barry Boes, he takes the top stop of the podium in his TA2/GT2 Mustang - he did GREAT!!


Here's the Saturday race start:



Sunday afternoon is Race 2. So, I improved my lap time a bit....but others improved their lap times even more....so, by rule, they start before me, I'm starting P9....again LOL!! We go over strategy, where I can gain time, etc....reviewing video, data, etc....however, that all goes out the window when it comes time to get in the car....why, you might ask? Remember that wet qualifying session? Yeah, the WX is cold and really damp/misting...on go the Pirelli wets!!! The answer to my prayers - I used to HATE racing in the rain...now I LOVE it!! So, here's the start of the Sunday race, I move up to P2 overall (and in class) and that's how I finished!! I lapped quite a bit of the field as well - it was usually the other way around for me in past rain races....guess I sent it? LOL!! But Barry Boes sent it even more - he got P1 overall!


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Bleh weekend with bright spots


Friday- Had one set of sticker Hoosiers. Decided I'd use those for qualifying Saturday morning (from my understanding that's usually the money session) and races 1 and 2. Went out for qually on 6 heat cycle Hoosiers and was 16th. I was pumped. Figured that with stickers i could sniff the top 10. Tranny broke on last lap, but Xfactor guys had my spare in Friday night.





Shit! Rain means no opportunity to improve qually time. Started race p16. Raced up to p11 and was working on the crowd ahead of me when my diff blew. Damn. Replaced it that night...



Wet race. Since I wasnt sure how much SCCA I'd run this year and COTA is usually okay until its sopping wet I decided to just buy some used wets as insurance. Unfortunately it seems that these are pretty sensitive to storage issues or something because as soon as I left the pits for pace lap i knew i was screwed. In 3rd gear I was spinning the rear tires. The fronts were just not cooperating. I had problems staying with the field on the pace lap... so once the race started I just disappeared. Contemplated coming in but I really wanted the car to finish a session this weekend on it's own accord. I gambled trying to save a few bucks, and lost. Fortunately save a bump that threw off the alignment the car went home in good shape.


Weirdly, despite a DNF and a DFL I feel okay about the weekend. I was happy to have closed up my delta to the front of the pack in SM at COTA by half on old tires. Clearly the off season massaging did some good, and that's despite getting confirmation on the dyno that my car isnt exactly a monster spec miata. I think the driver is making progress on the slow 2nd gear stuff as well... now I only had one session to prove it but still...


I do think I'll wait for the next generation of SM tire to debut before I run more hoosier super tour. The tire spending war is just silly, on top of the fact that at a horsepower track, I'm bringing a knife to a gun fight.

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Vinnie - new tires are always best. I was "taught" that habit from the get-go when I started racing. I typically use the last set of race tires as my initial warm-up/test session tires until I feel like it's time to do something meaningful - need stickers to really test things out/verify changes. Sounds like you had a crazy weekend! It was one of those weekends where, for me, if I was not racing, I would have never left the house LOL!!!

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Yeah. On friday before practice I seriously contemplated having a nice weekend at home and just going to Hallett next month.

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