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2001 Mazda Miata LS for sale

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This is a stock Miata with no aftermarket goodies with exception of a Koyo radiator.  I already installed the roll bar that is compatible with a hardtop.  That alone costs over $600 after shipping and is a must have to take the car on track.

  • $4500
  • 2001 Mazda Miata LS
  • VIN jm1nb353010216517
  • Red
  • 6 MT
  • Has the Torsen LSD!!!
  • Under 102k miles
  • Timing Belt and Water Pump Job performed less than 2k miles ago
  • New rotors and Hawk HP+ brake pads
  • Mazdaspeed Motor Mounts installed
  • Rear diff bushings replaced
  • Koyo radiator
  • Delrin door bushings
  • Mazdaspeed muffler
  • M2 Hard Core Hardtop Roll Bar installed
  • I have service receipts from previous owner

Some items to note are the following:

  • When I bought the car it had clear coat peeling on the driver side quarter panel due to a poor fender bender repair back in 2009 (repair cost was under $1k as I have receipt).  I had it professionally repainted and blended with the surrounding panels.  Very excellent job indeed.
  • There is a little oil seepage from the rear main seal which I hear is very common.  The seepage is so light that I haven't had to add any oil since my last oil change about 6 months ago.  I do see a drop or two on my garage floor every now and then.
  • Interior is in good shape.  The seats are fine, but they are old and some cracking in the seat cover is noticeable on the driver's side.
  • Exterior is in good shape as well with minimal scratches and paint is bright.  It's in wonderful share for a 17 year old car.  There is a small ding right behind the rear window on the decklid.













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Texas rust free car underneath?  Happen to have the vin?  Thanks!


I updated the post with the VIN.  Also, realized when mentioning the clear coat peel I didn't call out the minor fender bender it was in back in 2009..hence the poor paint job caused the clear coat peel.  The PO gave me their past receipts and body work cost was included.  Less than $1k in work done...so very minor.


The car is originally from California and then moved out to Omaha.  I bought it in December of 2017 and brought it to Texas.  The PO promised me that it was never driven in the winter and went into hibernation only to come out in spring/summer.  You can tell as there is no rust whatsoever under the car.



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This poor little Miata is sitting by itself, all alone in the garage.  It could use a new home.  Please adopt.


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I have some deep concerns.  I just got word that my new car will be here on Thursday next week.  The Miata and my old M3 got along well, probably because both were red and about the same age.  Not sure the Miata will like the new car as it is younger, white and has had less life experiences than the Miata.  Best thing is for one of you to adopt this poor Miata and not make it go through the hardships of having to hang out with a bratty youngster all day.

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I think I’m beating you in the senseless toys inventory department at the moment and we can’t have that. Come on @@robertcope


If I bought it, I'd be living in it... really need something with more room than a Miata.

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Black Friday bump.  Miata is awful lonely in the garage.  Took it out for a spin to visit the family yesterday and was such nice weather.  Gonna cruise around today and tomorrow as well...such nice convertible weather.

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