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Where to buy Carbotech pads for NC Miata?

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I'm looking to switch back to Carbotech pads from Hawk DTC-60 (it seems to me that the Hawks wore through much faster).  Looking for front XP10 pads for my NC Miata.  My go-to vendor used to be 949 Racing, but it looks like they no longer stock Carbotech pads.  Winding Road only has the rear pads in stock for the NC.


Any suggestions on vendors for Carbotech?

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Or just grab GLOCs


Oh yeah - forgot about these.  Judging by another thread on here, they appear to be a similar/same compound.  Thanks for the tip.


Don't mean to spark another "which pad is better" discussion, but now I'm second guessing myself between DTC-60 and GLOC/Carbotech.  It seems I got much more life out of the Carbotech, but the DTC-60 is cheaper and have a "consistent" feel.


Damnit - someone make the decision for me.

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Thanks all. I just ordered Carbotechs from KNS. Would've gone with G-LOC, but the Carbos were a few bucks cheaper.

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