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2006 NC Miata for sale - /DFW $4750

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Post was originally on facebook, copying here and other Miata sites for visibility. I'm happy to field questions. This was going to be a WRL build but we moved on to something crazy so this little baby needs to go. sorry about the terrible photos, that's how pics look in OK.

Did someone say midlife crisis, for all the performance car oriented ballers on a budget?!?! You’ve come to the right place, this little hot tamale will come with everything you need to kickstart your heart, and also get you on the race track in a safe manner!

Top is in good condition, a bit dirty, detail shop could rejuvenate it. I can offer the car as it sits, 100% stock, or i can include following.

Full SCCA/NASA/FIM legal roll cage from miatacages

Tomei LSD (lightly used, not installed)

Sparco full containment seat - expired but fine for non-sanctioned Racing

Belts and window net, center net - all expired per some sanctioning bodies but all in perfect working condition.

, includes delivered to DFW area (car will be moved there within few weeks)





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I am really enjoying my NC, especially after getting the Ohlins!

Do you want another one by chance?  You know, for parts.  


Someone buy this thing before it somehow turns into another project car and i end up divorced.  

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Sure is. Was gonna bring it home tomorrow and clean it up for photos. It’s in my trailer now if you just want me to deliver it.

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Come get this car.....please. Taking up space for other projects. $4750 delivered anywhere within an hour of Dallas.

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Oops, gone....a long time ago

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