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WRL at Hallett on Oct 20-21, 2018

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See you guys there.  Never been CCW so this should be fun...

CCW is the 'normal' direction..   I've gone that way about 90% of the time I'm there.


Not a huge fan of going CW-- there's a couple spots that will REALLY punish your car if you screw up.  hard downhill braking zone into T9; downhill, off-camber, and curved brake zone into T3/T2..   If you goof that up, you're going into a ditch and potentially airborne past the T2 corner station..  (Wish I caught that guy on video!)


but if you can keep the car on track going CW, it's a very challenging track and takes lots of finesse to be fast.   gotta have a handling car to do well that direction because you're almost never going straight.

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I actually really dug the track CW.  The uphill blind stuff is now downhill off camber scary stuff.  And as you warned Matt, we had a Boxter nail T1 tires, and another car go off into the woods at T2/3.  Our own car took a rough ride over T10 and over the access road which took a splitter along with it.


I was really, really, really happy at being able to keep pace with pro shoes in GP2 cars during our opening stint.  Unfortunately CW on Saturday one of them had to lap me before I figured out how to do it.  Our car was fantastic.  And then we blew chassis mount Saturday and an axle on Sunday.  Really excited for COTA if our car stays together 8 hours...

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