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Miatas at Hallett 2018

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I had a great time at Hallett this year. The track was wet for most of Friday due to a persistent mist or drizzle, but it was drivable with just a few slippery spots. CW on Friday. The track dried out over lunch, and we got a couple of dry sessions in the afternoon before "the mist" kicked in again. Saturday going CCW was drier, with only a light drizzle in a couple of sessions to slow us down.


I did have a couple of offs on Saturday, one on the exit of turn 1, and one exiting turn 9, both to the outside of the turn. Neither was the fault of the weather. My off in turn 1 was a good ride, with my car making a couple of full 360's as I slid over the slick grass. The one at turn 9 was a tad more worrisome, as I edged toward that tire wall. But no contact, fortunately.


I managed to improve my times from last year by 1.6 seconds CW to 1:33.1, and 1.8 seconds CCW to 1:31.8. Looking forward to next year.

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