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VIR NASA 08/25-26/2018

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So last time at WGI, I lost my right rear caliper bolt which caused the caliper to rotate - destroyed the carrier and the pads. Did some scraping of the inside of wheel drum but not too bad.

I had signed up for VIR NASA Mid Atlantic 08/25-26. I ordered a new carrier, bolts, caliper and rotors. I flew in a day early to get it fixed.

Turns out only the carrier was damaged so I decided to just replace that and the pads to avoid having to do a 1 man brake fluid flush. Repair was pretty straightforward . I replaced the bolts on the other side.

When I opened the hood to open the reservoir cap for the pad change I discovered that all of the caster screws on my vorshlag camber plates were gone. Technically 2 of 3 were gone but the other one was wallowed out. Fortunately TMI at VIR had replacement screws and I was able to fix that. I used copious amounts of blue loctite.

Basically, riding the bus stop curbs appears to have shaken a lot of stuff loose. In addition to the caliper bolts and caster bolts, I also lost all of my MCS adjustment knobs.

My goal for the weekend was to break 2:00. My previous best was 2:02.x but I had Scott Heckert coach me last month as mentioned in another post and I also had VIR reference lap in my car from Scott from the month before.

During the first session I managed a 2:01.9 on some scrubs. I had a hard time hitting my marks due to the tires not being very grippy but also I was just sloppy.

I reviewed my data and saw where I was losing time. I had promised myself that if I beat my PR in the first session, I’d put stickers on for 1st timed session. Since I did, stickers went on.

Gridded in the 4th spot behind a TTU guy and two TT3 guys. Tires were hooked up and I basically was getting the car to do whatever I asked of it. Stayed flat through esses and slight breathe at the last right. I was also really focusing on carrying more speed from roller coaster through hog pen. I felt like I did and when I crossed start/finish on first flyer, my DL flashed a 1:58.8! Took me a second to process it. This was about a second faster than the old track record. I decided to bank it and come in. Made weight by 30 lbs and tires passed the template.

I tried again Sunday morning to improve with the 2nd HC, but had to settle for a 2:00.

Looking at my data compared to Scott’s, and there is a still at least 0.75 seconds through turns 3 and 4.

I’ll be back at VIR in October with Chin and will try again.

Next month is WGI and hope to break 2:00 minutes there.

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