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edison_GTI NC Miata Build - AKA Casper

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The new rollbar is here!


Any takers for giving me a hand installing it on Sunday  :drinks:


I'm home alone this weekend, so yeah, I can help on Sunday! PM/text/whatever me to remind me of your address and let me know what time you want to get to work.

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Thank you Robert for the help!


Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned. The Blackbird Fabworx GT3 bar is a nice piece for sure. My issue is that the harness bar sits to high for me, that's what happens when you're 6' 3" with a long torso.


My driver's seat is very close to the harness bar and since the seat is mounted very low, the seat holes for the shoulder straps are lower than the mounting bar.


I have two options here: (i) add lower harness bar to the current one, or (ii) get a new seat with higher and bigger should strap opening.


I'll stop by Lucas Racing and Restoration and chat with Greg about the path forward.


Currently the rollbar is just sitting in the car with couple of bolts holding it, no drilling was done today in case I ended up with option (iii): custom rollbar.

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8 minutes ago, robertcope said:

How did you end up fixing the harness situation?

By moving the seat back and recline less.  Greg (Lucas Racing and Restoration) didn't like the way I was sitting (too reclined and knees too close to the dash).

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1 hour ago, eflove said:

How much do you not miss the gti with how well these drive?

I'm not going to lie, I still miss it.  Specially the torque from the 1.8T.

I'm still getting used to the NC and gaining the confidence I had with Kermit.  I'm not done with setup and I had an issue with snap oversteer that should be corrected by now.

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13 minutes ago, Hastarock said:

Take it back!  I’m not defending the tech who chipped my rim, but they did replace a 949 wheel for me.  You have a good case, especially since they’re new.

It wasn't done during mounting, it looks like they bumped the wheel at some point.   It's a shitty situation because the tech is not taking responsibility, but if the wheel was already damaged before mounting, why the heck did you mount the tire?

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