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NASA at Hallet June 9-10 2018!

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Registration is open, who is coming?  Have a friend that's never tracked with NASA? Hook them and your self up!! 


20% off Coupon: New-2-NASA-78898


To get your $100 off credit, email [email protected] with the referral you have once they have registered. He will send you a coupon code to be used during registration. They must be new to NASA. 


NASA @ Hallet June 9th - 10th


If you're running TT, please email me your classification form so we can have it for the event. Or you can bring me a printed copy at the event.  

EMail: [email protected]







1. Lobster -  

2. XLR8 - 

3. Edison_GTI - 

4. Shuka - 

5. pmptx +1 (John Wallace) - 

6. surlynkid

7. Hastarock

8. JBJones

9. Hollywood +(anal discharge)

10. JoshEE - DE4

11. Kidney Grill

12. CaboWabo

13. Spiderxvpbiking

14. V6Donut - Spectator 4





Convoy/Caravan Details:



Leaves around 9am thursday


1. Lobster








For June 7, 2018

Tentative Hastavan plan: leave NE Houston at 8 am, meet @Spidervxbiking in Corsicana by 11 am, 1 hour lunch, arrive at Hallett at 5:15 pm. Using freeways, Wave, and old school walkie-talkies (we have extras). The diesels seem to like 70 mph
Texas Road House, 23579 Highway 59 feeder. 

Big parking lot south of restaurant. 

1 Hasta




1. Nix


Roll Call for Rib Crib


1. Taco

2. Surlynkid

3. Shuka - Maybeee

4. Hollywood

5. Hastarock

6. Spidervxbiking

7. Lobstery



Important things to note

93 doesn't exist in Oklahoma from a gas pump near the track

you are in BFE, bring adequate supplies, food, water, car parts and prophylactics for extra curricular activities  :wink: or if you're just staying at a near by hotel

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Put me as "in" barring exploded/non-functioning car, etc.


Put me down for hell no to Rib Crib (rib crypt.)


We'll be bringing food and cooking at the track. Or worst case going to Taco Bueno in town for some burritos. But NO RIB CRIB.

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In with the RV.  No clue as to what Rib Crib is, so sounds like a game time decision.  Will be bringing food to self sustain in the 50 Amp AC hookup.



I should have John in tow.  Likely co driving Skittles.  Add him to the attendee list

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For Rib Crib? DE? Sunbaking?

 Rib Crib tends to ruin me.  Running Spec E46 and need TT laps but i'm too lazy to figure out what TT group to fit into so likely run U.  We always hit the butcher before leaving town and cook steak and burgers all weekend down by the pond.  I love that place.  Bringing 2 minibikes this year and likely to crash both.

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In, but first time to drive the track, may have to lean on you for some help.


Got lots of laps out there, happy to help.  Definitely make some rebound adjustments from COTA, Hallett is bumpy in some key areas.  

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