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MSRH Lap Times

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Date: 4-03-21

CW lap time: 1:56.32

Car: 2012 Mustang Boss 302

Est weight: ~3700

Est HP: ~450

Tires: 255/40-19 & 285/35-19 Hankook Ventus V12 evo2

Temperature: 65°

First time getting out and tracking my daily driver Mustang. Only 3 seconds faster than my BMW with about half the power/weight, but its a whole different animal to get used to. Still no bad for a total of about 40 minutes on track. My phone was data recording from inside my center console, so the data is all funky. Lots more to learn about driving a heavier higher horsepower car, but I don't intend to track it very often. ?


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There are still a few spots I know I can pick up time in and my tires aren't the greatest but i'm slowly working on dropping the time down. Car just has lowering springs, harness bar, and mystery rear sway bar on it.


Car: 2019 Mustang
Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 4000lbs
Estimated wheel horsepower: ~400-410HP
Tire size and model: 275/35/19 595RS-PRO

Date: 2/2/21
Lap time: 1:48.69 CCW
Temperature: 61F


Date: 2/7/21
Lap time: 1:48.38 CW
Temperature: 50F


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Date: 6/27/21

Lap time: 1:43.785 CCW

Car: 2004 BMW M3

Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 3000

NASA AVG  WHP: 291 (316 peak)

Tire size and model: 275/40R17 Nitto NT01

Estimated ambient temperature: 92°F

Carrying around some extra weight - full tank of gas and passenger seat and ran 1:43-1:44. Really happy with that! Tried some new things entering Jaw Bone, Diamond's Edge and Sweeper. Need to clean things up entering sugar and spice, need to be more consistent. Gained 20mph entering Diamond's Edge and Sweeper. Should be good for at least .5 seconds. I think I still have more work to do. Happy with my lap to lap consistency. Within .2-.3 seconds per sector (4 sectors per lap). Still could be better.


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My first time in an open cockpit car. A friend let me drive his Formula Atlantic for the day. It was incredible.

Shout out for his business, Corsa Formula, which rents out a Formula Atlantic, a Formula Mazda, and a Ferrari Formula 2 car (driven by Charles Leclerc's F2 teammate).

Date: 12/2/21

Lap time: 1:30.06 CCW

Car: Swift 016 Formula Atlantic 

Estimated total vehicle weight with driver: 1630

SCCA  WHP: 250hp

Tire size and model: 15 inch Hoosier slicks (had a few heat cycles by the team I got em)

Estimated ambient temperature: 78°F

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I haven't seen anyone post their tow vehicle lap times, so I'll post mine. 🤣

Lap Time: 2:08 CW (on back to back laps)

Truck: 2022 Ram TRX (100% stock, stock tires, Sport mode, full auto shifts)

Weight: Heavy AF

702 hp

82F ambient (Mar 2022)

Video: https://youtu.be/RUVeF2MAXpA

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