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Track Notes for CW 1.7


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So, I'll be at Cresson with TDE in February, first time at that track for me. Question time!


Lodging - The Scottish Inn right by the track has surprisingly (a more cynical person might say suspiciously) good reviews. Seems like outside of that, or camping at the track, it's a 10+ mile drive. Any reason not to just stay at the Scottish Inn?


Learning the track - Any good track notes or walkthroughs around? I've seen this one which is pretty thorough, but more info is always better. An onboard video with commentary would be really cool, but probably a long shot.


Any other stuff I oughta know? Thanks!

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The hotel across from the track is a good place and obviously it’s right there. I’ll second the recommendation for the BBQ at the gas station at the track entrance...plus...race fuel!!


Granbury is probably where you’ll end up for dinner. Babes is awesome! Trust the Buddha on this...

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Well I went to the TDE website and it shows y'all are going CW so the video above is of little help. Here is what I remember



  1. Intermediate/Advanced driver 
  2. BMW 335 track car

Track map for turn names.




S/F is just after rattlesnake so I'll start there. Your first turn will be big bend. There is a large hump right before turn in. That was my braking point, I'd wait until the car crested the "hill" and the suspension compressed. Work your way up to that point because its pretty late. Its a late apex and the corner pinches you off at the end. Red arrow is the approx apex. 



Next is a complex of 3 turns you treat as 1 big turn. The first is tombstone. You're gonna want to displace that apex a bit, say about 4-5 feet. Then set the wheel and adjust your position on track with the throttle. Try to barely touch the rumble strip on boot hill to line you up for braking into horseshoe. I like to put the car in the middle of the track. I use the seams in the track as reference points all the time. 




Next is horseshoe. Kind of a throw away turn for me. Don't track all the way out to the left. Just find the best way to stay to the right so you can get the car rotated for buzzard neck. 




Buzzard Neck requires a lift or a light tap on the brakes and then manage a light throttle until you get past the bump at the apex. It's probably the most straightforward turn on the track


Next is little bend. As the name implies, its just like big bend but no hump to go over on entry. Super late apex again. 




Now for the fun turn. Ricochet. This is a hard one to get right. It's kinda blind uphill and there is a corner worker station you'll be looking at. hehe You'd rather be late than early here. Pic below shows my car position at the apex. When done right, the car will track itself out to the rumble strips on the outside. *arrow pointing at corner worker station.




Next is wagon wheel. I apparently suck at this turn, but I take a mid track approach to avoid all the camber on the outside that wants to suck you off track. First, I like to be mid track when I start braking with the car already angled into the first apex. I put it in between the seams again. I hit a late apex on the first turn and don't go past the second seam coming into the start of rattlesnake. 






Then its a tap of the breaks to get the car to rotate into rattlesnake. The first turn in is super late again. Common theme in this config. Alot of folks get this wrong alot of the time. If you see the track like in the pic below, then you will be at least setup for the 2nd part of rattlesnake.




You can see the arrow for the apex. Stay on this side of the track as best you can. No biggie if you drift out to the middle of the track but don't go any further than that. Then just flick the car the other way and your done. 




Red arrow show the late apex. Be patient. Its an off camber turn so your car will want to track out to the right pretty well. I try to hug the inside as long as I can.




That's how I did it. Fun track. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did. Full video below.


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Wow, some great information already shared in the thread.  I don't have personal experience with the Scottish Inn, as I live 15min from the track, but I've had friends stay there and they've said its decent.  For lunch, the BBQ at the Texaco is good, or if you are in the mood for mexican, Del Norte Tacos about 5 minutes from the track in Godley is also good.  For dinner, Babe's in Granbury is good, as well as Fuzzy's Tacos (they are across the street from each other).  They also have a German restaurant in the square, and some other dining options, but I have no experience with them.

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About the only people who ever stay at the Scottish Inn are those doing track weekends, so it stays in really nice shape and is still almost new. Other options in Granbury are a very short 10 minute drive, so they're easy for people who want a cheap extra night or two on their frequent guest programs.


Definitely do BBQ at the Texaco across the street for lunch on Saturday. Babe's in Granbury is very good comfort food, and Grump's has one of the best burgers you'll ever eat. For finer dining,  the 1890 restaurant on the square is very good and has a nice wine list.


If you have any car problems during the weekend, stop by and talk with the guys at Doghouse Performance there at the track. Very good and knowledgeable folks, and their shop rate is better than the other options there. They've saved my weekend a time or two in the past and are easy to deal with.


Any questions about the area, just let me know since I live here.

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My only caution is, beware of potholes at the ends of the rumble strips. Some can be nasty and will eat a tire/wheel if you hit them wrong. On track out, if you can't get back on the asphalt by the end of the strip, straddle it and ease back on instead of putting a tire directly into the pothole. 

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Up to speed Miata lap:


This is a really tidy lap with great lines, watch it multiple times. Only three lines I do slightly different.


1) Entrance to Big Bend, I make a slight hitch to the right at the crest of the hill so I can straightline brake a hair later, which then puts the car back to the outside. This turn favors light and long trail braking to keep your speed up but be able to turn in and get to apex.


2) I stay a few feet more outside before the second turn on wagon wheel to be able tuck up to the right hand curbing a little more and then track all the way left before the right hander in rattle snake. It lessens the chance of finding the big curb the spec 944 hit and also allows me to get back on gas sooner up the hill. Not sure there is much benefit timewise though.


3) Data has shown for my car and driving style that staying far left before rattlesnake and braking hard before the right hander to be able to get back on gas sooner for the left hander is the fastest in my car. I throw away the right hander to try to carry more speed through the left hander since it is leading to the straight.


A few other notes to add:


- Buzzards Neck - The turn in and apex is earlier than you expect here and faster as there is a big bump about 2/3 out of the corner that will rotate the car nicely


- Tombstone and that complex - This is a really fast section and the car is usually more capable than the driver is willing to push it. Work up slowly, but trail braking into the first part and being really smooth on your inputs will allow you to be faster here than you expect. 

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I'd say the more power you have, the more you would adjust your laps in the direction that @@JBJones is suggesting.


Of course, we're talking minute adjustments here.  For someone seeing this for the first time, all I'll say is it's a heck of a lot of fun and has some real gut-check turns and great places to exercise your rotation skills.  And, with the exception of the Rattlesnake curbing, you can be brave and won't pay much of a price if you overcook.


Party on!

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