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Stan Culpepper

When ECR Gets Crazy One time a year !

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On Everyone. The Next ECR track day is February 10th ! It's the one time of the year we drive the track backwards. Clock-Wise !!!!


That being said this is the third annual event for CW direction. This event should sell out early as the entries are limited in each class.


Please go to www.eaglescanyon.com or www.motorsportreg.com to sign up early. 


Here's a video  


If you haven't been to ECR in a while. Come meet the new owners and see the changes. We think you will be impressed. 


[email protected]


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Let me throw this out there - if you’re a member and you want to run backwards on a member day - you got it! Just make sure everyone agrees to it, of course. I REALLY like to run it backwards. Have I said that?

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High Performance Driving days at ECR are designed for all driving enthusiasts. All you need is your car, your passion and a SNELL certified Helmet. 

We provide the rest!


You will be assigned to a run group based on your track driving experience, and you will get about two hours of total track time, in half hour sessions. It is a very full day of learning and of driving at the limit. 


You will experience what it feels like to go flat-out in your car, to make your tires squeal and slide but still feel under control and to brake hard enough to trigger your ABS. It is thrilling, addictive and guaranteed to make you a better driver!


Lunch and refreshments are on us. 


Additional  Details: 


· Cost: 

The cost is $200 + tax. 


· Novice / Intermediate driver instruction: 

We love introducing drivers to the thrilling experience of carving up a race track! As a novice, you will discover what you, and your car, are capable of. Instruction (and class) for novice and intermediate track drivers is included in our open track days. 


· Advanced Drivers: 

Advanced drivers will have four 30 Minute sessions, with optional instruction. We will help you refine your skills, and get faster… and faster – while having fun and staying safe.


· Where: 

Eagles Canyon Raceway – A technical 2.5 Mile race road course with great elevation change and turn variety. About an hour drive north from downtown Dallas. 


· How to sign up:   E-mail [email protected], call 817-992-9714 or register at motorsportsreg.com.


· Forms / Payment: 

You need to fill out an Open Track Day application, and a Tech check list for your car.  Both forms are available to download at www.eaglescanyon.com.

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Signed up. Have been to the track but not run it. Looking forward to it.

I will be there

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Got my dates mixed up will be at MSR

I do like running ECR backwards

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I'm looking forward to it - see y'all there!

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