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German Beetle car

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It’s faster than a 997 S on a straight line in 2nd, 3rd, 4rd.



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Reflecting on the 964.

It continues to try to kill me, and that is probably the best part of it.

it can unexpectedly understeer at 15mph on the i45 ramp curve in Downtown Houston and be planted at a 100mph on a long sweeper (don’t lift. Ever). Has a mind of its own and it requires always your full attention and commitment. Even just for a drive.


I want to talk about suspensions now.

many choose the KW and Bilstein for the 964. I opted for Koni and HR springs because:

I am a big fan of Koni simple bread and butter technoly; i do not like a car that is too stiff, especially if it’s still a street car / compliant handling / easy to set up / do not Cost 3.5k lol

i replaced the old bushings and the difference is immense. Mind you, the old ones were like Stormy Daniels intimate parts so that was expected. Big sway bars from Eibach do the rest and make it turn in like a razor!




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