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German Beetle car

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Reflecting on the 964.

It continues to try to kill me, and that is probably the best part of it.

it can unexpectedly understeer at 15mph on the i45 ramp curve in Downtown Houston and be planted at a 100mph on a long sweeper (don’t lift. Ever). Has a mind of its own and it requires always your full attention and commitment. Even just for a drive.


I want to talk about suspensions now.

many choose the KW and Bilstein for the 964. I opted for Koni and HR springs because:

I am a big fan of Koni simple bread and butter technoly; i do not like a car that is too stiff, especially if it’s still a street car / compliant handling / easy to set up / do not Cost 3.5k lol

i replaced the old bushings and the difference is immense. Mind you, the old ones were like Stormy Daniels intimate parts so that was expected. Big sway bars from Eibach do the rest and make it turn in like a razor!




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Yesterday I was off and drove the car around Houston. Then it started raining and I found an open parking lot. Man that rear engine really slaps you when it “goes”.


Continues to be a killing machine, pretty fast and incredibly loud.


looking for a pain shop that can fix some rusting - any recommendations?





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Aight so took the beetle to the track at MSRH yesterday and it didn’t break down.

I am seeing temps at around 248F which is higher than what I want so I am thinking about putting a second oil cooler on the front driver side, where AC is. Cuz AC ain’t really working much so let’s just take it out.

plus the cooler the engine the happier and the longer it will last. 


I found the Koni+H&R springs so good on the backroads yet too soft on the track (big news!). Looked at Ohlins, priced at $6.4k - the Koni setup is not that soft after all.


ran with Kumho PS91 Tires in 18” which, I have to say, for a street tire rated 260 they were not bad at all! Will try with 17” next as I feel I need less grip to learn how to drive the 911.


speaking off, if you want to go fast you need to throw away everything you learned with FR or Mid engine cars and start from scratch. Be humble. Try new things. Spin at diamonds edge (ops). A members day, trying these things with friends on track was really the best environment. Thanks again @Hollywood


some pics because “feeling cute, may delete later”






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That looks both hella fun and terrifying, Benny hill would be proud

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I have driven the Porker which now has an official name: MEINER.


Meiner means in German “mine, as absolute pronoun, almost expressed in a childish manner”. Exactly.

I took it on a drive in the Hillcountry, just 1 day (we need to do a trip guys!) and this thing in the back roads is a blast. Torquey, light, killing instinct- 600 miles in 2 days of pure raw.


i have been having issues with the idling, searching on forums it looked like I had to send my ECU to a specialist, get a tune that may have not been right for my engine, go full independent ECU etc...

first rule: check the engine and get your hands dirty - a pipe in the intake manifold broke and being rubber, as the engine heated up it would leak air thus making the idle impossible.

Porsche wanted $140 for the pipe so I followed @thanasis11 advice which was “Epoxy that shit” and I glued it together. Solved. Now she idles fine where she is supposed to. Yay 😁 


oh I also went back to a set of 17” wheels as I think it’s even more lethal that way. As the video shows, she definitely is.







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Shop dipped magnesium wheels into acid by mistake. Wheels have now the structure of Swiss cheese.


i need new wheels

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