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Looking for expired 6 point harnesses for HPDE car

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If you have a set of recently (within last 5 years) expired harnesses and are not sure what to do with them, I could use them in my HPDE car. 


My 2006  street/track Miata has a tall Fabworx roll bar with a harness bar and I have a racing seat to use at the track. Since expired harnesses are newer and stronger than the seat belts, they will be suitable for my needs.


Let me know what you have.






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If I had a set I would give them to you for free. I wouldn't the liability of being the guy that gave you a set of expired ones.

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Are you an attorney by any chance?  :huh:  :ohmy:  :wink:


If anyone is concerned, I will sign a waiver to release liability or trade for the equiment. 


Since I never have considered suing anyone, thiss did not cross my mind. Of course anyone can sue you for anything. . . 


@@surlynkid, help me understand if there are implied warranties when buying any used track/street car? Are there no warranties, specifically for safety equipment, unless expressly given in writing? Same would apply for expired harnesses or brake kits or brake pads or suspension or . . .?


The track car I am selling had expired harnesses when purchased, and I had planned to sell it with the same, However with this concern should I remove them?  That may be how I get my used harnesses!  When selling a car it is sold "as is" with no implied warranties.


Getting back on track (no pun intended, OK, maybe a little one) does anyone have a set for a fellow friendly track junkie?

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Not an attorney. Just the sad world we live in today. I know you wouldn't do anything, but your estate might in the event of a tragedy.

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