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PCA DE Cancel

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I'm not going. I signed up to instruct when it was still going to be the 2.9, but I'll cancel if Will doesn't cancel it. I have a garage spot I can sell if somebody wants one. Otherwise, I'll cancel it and NASA will assign it. Sally is doing the SCCA race at MSRH 2 weeks earlier instead.


The A&M home game means rooms are $300 which will kill a DE.

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I will continue to drive TWS events as long as they let us in. Even if we're reduced to doing drag races down the hot pits.


Start adding cash to your windshield fund.  LOL

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Well, since the survey was not closed off properly I'm happy to report that, thanks to my bots, the event now has overwhelming support with 3952 drivers saying they will go. Should be over 9000 by this afternoon. 



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