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2.9 mile course gone after August?

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Will they cut the rental fees by 40%? The organizers have to cut registered drivers by 40%. The fixed costs like ambulance and wrecker won't go down, so the rental has to be cut even further in order for the for-profit groups to make enough money. I've run the 1.8 both directions and don't like it all. I might go back to help Globe with PDS, but don't have an interest in anything else.

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I've emailed the guys at Chin asking if they've heard anything for their September event. They said they're in talks with TWS management about this and to stay tuned for further information.


I'd really like to run with them so I can take my wife for her first ride along. But if the track ends up cutting down to a 1.8, I'll probably sign up with The Drivers Edge at MSRH.

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I've only played Laguna Seca on Iracing, but turn 6 at laguna seca seems very similar to turn 7 at TWS! 

I've driven both and T6 at Laguna is nothing like T7 at TWS.  TWS is a lot faster and has tons of grip at the apex.  T6 at Laguna is a lot more blind and you are fighting for grip the whole time as there is a little bump on corner entry that unsettles the car before the apex. 


T7 and T12 at TWS are awesome fast corners, tighten your belts and nice soft hands..... ;-)

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There was a time when other potential track builders (including the one aka Bluebonnet) used the excuse that they couldn't fund an area track until they were sure that TWS could not come back and compete with them. That excuse is now gone.

It's all hearsay until it happens?


I haven't been to TWS since March; did they ever shut off running water? Just curious.

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The Barber Motorsports bathrooms are very nice, clean, and cold a/c!  After the last run, the showers were a great way to start the road trip home.  TWS could learn a thing or two on how to spend millions on a track facility...;0


The Barber porta potties are good enuff for some to use it for lunch area it appears...




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