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NASA June 24-25 2017 Hallet Motor Racing Circuit

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I don't know what "losing a gate" actually entails, but pretty common for Miata's to be a bit of a pain going into 3rd. Stock motor/diff mounts allow the engine/transmission to throw themselves around a bit. If torn it's all over the damn place :p I had a 95 that completely sheared both motor mounts, so the motor was just slopping around in the cups and it made shifting a PITA.

I tend to make up terms and hold meanings to myself. My bad man.

A nice gate to me is a tight shift.

Losing the gate makes everything sloppy and nasty. Making the gate hard to find.


I'm curious what's up on it. I don't know miata like you guys. Just think those cars look cool as shit on track.

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Yeah, 2nd to 3rd is always iffy. The key is to be patient and find the gear and not cram it in.


Easier said than done I know, especially in the middle of an SM race.

Sam over here banging gears like he's drag racing but not double clutching like he shoulda

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SM is allowed the Mazda Comp engine mounts, but stock diff mounts are required.


Without sound, it's hard to tell the issue.i.e. if there was the standard Miata 3rd gear grinding, you know the 3rd gear syncro is toast and it's time for a new transmission.

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On a lighter note, montage from hell for those truly bored at work tomorrow. Abandoned yacht rock for some diabolical datasette and french touch jams. Plenty of close moments but without a doubt the best weekend I've had with NASA SM this year.





@@bbursey (awesome time)

That's awesome - I wish I could have stuck close by a little longer!

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Lol - I know the 2>3 problem. I was on my best flyer and completely closed the gap on ScottP. Came out of The Bitch, went for 3rd, flubbed it, flubbed it again and finally got it. Predictive timing dropped horrificly and ScottP was gone and my best lap of the day was toast. Time for a CAE shifter.

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