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Kong Sheng Han

Driveway Austin For Sale

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I have a feeling they're quite upside down on the loan from building the facility, such that selling the property will only reduce their loan, and not actually free up 11 million..

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Maybe the owners are planning on using the money to buy up and renovate TWS and still have several million left to sit on top of their freshly burgeoning cash cow.


A boy can dream right?


Considering how they operate Driveway Austin, I would not want them to buy TWS. 


I would prefer that Track Junkies buy it. But one can only dream. D:

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How much are they asking for TWS? If 100 of us committed to $300/month we could afford around 4.5mm not including income from events.


I'm sure there is way more to this track ownership thing, but as mentioned prior... dreaming

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Looking at the picture in the ad, they're sitting between a river and a creek. I'd bet that's probably in the flood plain and houses would be unlikely.

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On 9/3/2019 at 1:27 PM, 1970judge said:

Anyone know the price for their L1? 

$549 BYOC

It's published.  If you go to https://www.drivewayaustin.com/classes

Then click on the "More info" link under the summary of each type of class, it will pop this up (for Foundations) :

Foundations of road racing

The Foundations of Road Racing course covers the core dynamic elements of high performance driving. The modules of the course are strategically progressive throughout the day to. The majority of the program is done “on track” so each driver experiences every technique first hand, behind the wheel. Rules, Safety and Etiquette are also taught throughout the course.

  • Driver Fit and Positioning

  • Driving Line Design (entry, apex, exit)

  • Trajectory and Rotation

  • Track Walk (How to read a track)

  • Lead /Follow with Instructor Lead Vehicle

  • Looking ahead to track points (Instructor ride and demo)

  • Steering Techniques (Instructor ride and demo)

  • Throttle and Braking Techniques (instructor ride and demo)

  • Weight Transfer and Corner Roll Rate

  • Finding the “Happy Spot”

Drivers may use their own car in this course or one of Driveway Austin’s race prepared (Spec Miata) school cars for an additional fee.  Personal cars must be safe and have a muffler

NOTE: Helmets are not required for this class and lunch is included. Closed toe shoes are the only clothing requirement. Just bring your car (with an empty trunk or empty it here) and you're all set. 

$549.00 (with your car)
$1395.00 (with Driveway Austin Spec Miata)

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Austin's Prop B covers the sale of the Driveway property back to the city as parkland.  Seems like Oracle made a deal with Dollahite he couldn't refuse.


It would be awesome if austin parks and rec could run the track, like the 'ring: make it public.

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