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Moonshine V2 - We're packing up and going to #GRIDLIFE

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18 hours ago, cabowabo said:

Moonshine is at TC Design getting ST4 / GLTC cage, slated to be picked up Nov. 2nd. In the meantime the first piece of the "How to make 185whp." puzzle showed up.


what kind of whirly boy is this 

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And after just a few short weeks, she's home! This is a "ST4" cage from TC Design. Went with straight dash bar, x brace back, and cutout the OEM seat belt towers for some extra room. Need to do a lot of cleaning up wiring and mount the dash skin to the new dash bar as the oem dash bar can't go back in. 





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Started working on the dash today and it's down to nothing but a hacked up skin. Going to have to get creative with getting it securely mounted along with the gauge pod. Will do some final trimming to clean it up then flock it because racecar. Think I'll move the ECU to top of trans tunnel under the now "floating" dash.




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I got no money's for buying stuff to really move this project along just yet, so knocking out simple stuff. Got my seat reinstalled today, but need to redrill it and move it forward a bit. At current position/layback it's hitting the cage plus I'm reaching for clutch and 5th gear shifts anyways. So, gonna have to move that. Also went ahead and removed remaining A/C lines and some emissions equipment (EGR and charcoal canister). I'll probably go ahead and delete washer bottle and do a lazy wire tuck too because why not. Even if I had more turbo stuff to move along with it wouldn't QUITE be time to get moving anyways. Spending a lot of time thinking about mounting and where I'm going to route intake/oil lines. All I know is I'm gonna have to get soemthing to hold my trunk on because I'm totally removing the stock latch, cutting out the entire license plate area, and sending my exhaust out of it. Probably gonna make it shoot flames too ala McLaren GT3



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It ran flawlessly all weekend, but needs an intercooler (duh). Was hitting 195f intake temps, which was the same as my coolant 😄 Was throwing a bunch of fuel in and dumping timing to compensate, but the DIY redneck remote mount system I designed works as intended and I love the noises it makes! 



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