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TrackJunkies Support Meet 2016

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Thank you to all that came. That's what it's all about, was happy to share the weekend with you all! If you're missing a shirt, please direct message me. And yes...black shirts are around the corner. Will post to General for those.


Some snaps of people reppin' hard:






Turn 7 on a BMX bike (thanks @ for that all weekend brah!)




It was epic out there...T8.




My church.




Until next time!

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+1 @@Hollywood. Great pics. Lol'd at your church comment. I actually work at a church (Grace Bible just down the road from TWS), but when I get a weekend off of preaching, this is where I want to be, too. Few places Make me feel closer to God than turn 1 right before I nail the brakes, and few things make me more thankful than spending a beautiful weekend on track with all of y'all.

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Guest lobster

so.... almost halfway through 2017 any plans for a 2017 meet? 




Maybe I'll just have a tracklaps.net meet.   It'll be behind the dollar general.  Bring cash.  

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Guest lobster

Well Robert did mention possibly doing a thing at GSS, nobody says we have to go to TWS for a meet.  


I could use a TJ shirt & stickers.  It seems like im the only one without a sticker :( 

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I see a PDS event for November 4th-5th but nothing in October.

It was originally October 21-22 (I saved all the dates in my calendar). Looks like they rented the track to The Drivers Edge for that weekend now.

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Guest lobster

I'll be at TWS for the TDE in june.   


Someone bring me stickers and shirts & I'll call it a TJ meet  


I'll even trade you for some fancy tracklaps stickers!  

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I think TWS will be the place we gravitate for a while it's where a lot of us got our start, and where TJ's was born... This time it really does seem likely that December is it, so we want to make the most of it!


I will defiantly be attending a TJ meet at TWS!

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