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TrackJunkies Support Meet 2016

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October 1 & 2, 2016

Seventh anniversary get together for all TrackJunkies at Texas World Speedway

Supporting our brothers in addiction...



It's hard to believe that TrackJunkies is already seven years old - a feat that wouldn't have been possible without the continued efforts of Robert Cope -- and also you, the junkie! To celebrate this and to help put some faces to names, it's time for the "annual" support group meet at Texas World Speedway, hosted generously by Performance Driving School (soon to be Momentum Performance Driving Academy). 


Including, but not limited to..

  • TrackJunkies logo stickers/vinyl (free)
  • TrackJunkies photo session on the Texas World Speedway oval (all junkies)
  • TrackJunkies T-Shirts (working on a batch of free ones for instructors)
  • Grill out with free beer & food Saturday evening (and maybe some trophies for various things, or just more beer)
  • The opportunity to fraternize (or argue) with each other in person
  • Possibly more..


As a contributing member of TrackJunkies, you will receive a $50 discount to the already-cheap 2-day PDS entry fee (obviously, instructors, you get a shirt and a smile). Regrettably, this discount is only available to solo-qualified drivers at this time. All solo-qualified drivers at TWS from Chin, PCA, or Driver's Edge are eligible for a lateral transfer (an early morning check ride may be required). If you don't run with these groups but do run with NASA/SCCA, please include your NASA/SCCA status when e-mailing Levica below. 


Instructions to register:


If you haven't already created an account at ClubRegistration.net, do so now.


The URL for the PDS event is: https://clubregistration.net/events/event-details.cfm?event_id=7711


The October event at Texas World Speedway always fills up fast, so don't hesitate too long on this. If you have any further questions, shoot them below. I'll update this initial post to include a general roster, post if you're in. See you at the track! 










Hastarock (Sat night only)

surlynkid +1


Code Monkey







shuko (+1 Fortress of Miatatude)





Updated 9/14

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Do I get a shirt too? :) 

Size Small please.  


Looking forward to seeing everyone at the track for this event (and the Sept one for those attending that one as well)! 

As stated above email me to verify your TJ status and if you have any questions about the registration. 

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I'm signed up. Are garages already on a wait list? If not, do you think we could get spots near each other?


Shirt: Large

For most people the garages will show as waitlist for now as I always want to be sure to leave enough for the instructors. I assign them the week of the event. I will be sure to assign an TJ guys who receive garages near each other. 

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Sorry, I cannot make it that weekend.


I will come Saturday with my little one to say hi but I need to be home at 6PM.


I am very sad that I won't be able to make it but I am sure you will enjoy the weekend as we did for the past 7 years.

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well...... I just signed up....... shirt size L


I hope I won't be the only Z there.......



Let's see if we can get @ to come out and play...


Long time lurker checking in and signed up! L


Welcome, and awesome! 



In and registered.


I'm done with Baytown, so my RV is back to track duty. So in with the fortress of Miatatude.



Dude...if I get a TJ flag made, can we run it up over the fortress?

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Let's see if we can get @ to come out and play...



Doh, Z is not ready yet. If someone can turn on the AC outside, I can get back in the garage to finish this year's project. 

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