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Track Notes CCW

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My notes for TWS CCW. I am in a '99 Miata, stock engine (with I/H/E), 5-speed, 4.3 Torsen. This is not a novice line, you've been warned, and I ain't responsible if you crash while attempting this... :)




Front Straight: Coming onto the front straight, get pointed towards start-finish ASAP. Don’t bother following the track, make it a straight line. If done right, you should be down on the low side of the track and pass through the “shoulder” there. At Star Finish, correct a bit to stay down low; you should be going into 5th here. About ¾ of the way down the tack, make a small input to start heading up the track so that you’ll be about ¾ of the way up the track when you start turning in for T1.


T1-T2: Turn in, you should hit the corner of the black asphalt. Keep on the throttle through the transition, or perhaps lift just a hair. After the transition, straight line brake and downshift to 4th, but not a whole lot, then start a slow turn to the right. This will scrub speed. You should start a slow drift out, but don’t feel the need to go all the way to the edge. By the time you get to the yellow box, you should be fulling turning in to T2 and you should be fully back on the throttle. Make sure to tuck up to the inner curbing on T2, and if you’re going fast enough you should be tracking all the way out to the outer curbing at the exit. Continue the turn to get over to the left to set up for T3. This should basically have all been one long, smooth, radius decreasing turn. I've attached a picture to illustrate.


T3: Straight line brake at the beginning of the curbing on the left, downshift to 3rd, setting up for a quick turn in about when the nose of the car hits the end of the curbing. More or less, as soon as you’re turned in, you should be going to full throttle. Hold the turn, track out to the edge, and make sure to remember that the track narrows. If you’re doing this right, you’re turn should sort of continue just past the “tuck in” and should be shifting to 4th. You’ll be in 4th from here to the carousel, so forget about your clutch for a while.


T4: Left-foot brake as you pass over the oval track, turn in and hold it. You should be running on the inner rumble strips. If done right, you’ll turn in just past the front of them. Don’t turn in too early, because there’s a nasty divot there and it will feel nasty and may even hurt the car. You should track out to the outer curbing, and when done right, you be hitting the end of that curbing as you get back on to the track. You should be full throttle by then, too.


T5: I align pretty far to the right, with maybe a car width between me and the edge. Full throttle all the way to T6. Don’t bother hitting the apex of T5, but do get down low and allow yourself to drift out so that you can make a nice smooth turn in to T6.


T6: Left-foot brake just a bit before turning into T6, then back on the thottle. Turn in is earlier than it seems, right at the service road on the right(?) or so. I have found that if I need the car to rotate a bit more than it want sto, the a bit of left-foot brake while in the turn can make that happen, but be careful with that. You should apex this turn, in fact, be sure to because that’s where the grip is. Grabbing a little bit of dirt is preferable to missing it. Track all the way out, personally I am wary of dropping a wheel off at track out here; so many people have that there is a rut there. Obviously, full throttle down the straight!


T7: Don’t lift, just make sure to hit the apex and tuck into the curbing. But really, there is quite a lot of room to track out. Use it, track out to set up for T8.


T8: Don’t brake until you crest the hill, but don’t forget to brake, either! You don’t need to slow all that much as the turn will be a wide arc, since we are aligned towards the right of the track. You shouldn’t be on the edge of the track, maybe a car width and a half off it or so. I left-foot this one, too. Basically, you want to smoothly turn in and end up on the inner (left) edge of the the track after T8 so that you’re set for T9. You should be on the gas, fully, after the apex.


T9: Almost as soon as you’re parallel to the edge of T8, you want to turn in to T9, but don’t do it too early! You should be driving on the inner rumble strips. They’ve got grip. You should be mostly to fully full-throttle through here. Track out until it feels like you may drive off, but don’t do that, it’s kind an ugly place to go off. Basically, I continue the turn until I’m maybe 3-5 ft off the left side of the track, heading down the track towards the small building on the hill.


T10: Brake hard, downshift to 3rd. I suck at this turn, but if you enter just a bit hot and turn in just a bit deep, the goal is to slide the car around, tucking up to the inner curbing as you go. I try to add throttle so that by the time I’m parallel to the exit curbing, I am full on. When I do this right, the back end is stepping out on me, but I naturally counter-steer as I make the turn for T11.


T11: Try and get close to that inner curbing, track all the way out, there is a lot of room! Don’t use too much steering, that slows you down and there shouldn’t be a lack of track. You should be hitting 4th about half way down the track.


T12: Don’t lift, but do turn in a hair late and make sure to tuck into the apex nicely. There’s track on the other side, but it never feels like there is a huge amount of it to me. Keep a small arc going so that you’re tucking in to T13. As you approach T13, you’ll usually see a bunch of tire marks on the inner half of the track. I like to aim for the middle of the track there.


T13-T14-T15: Brake before you turn for T13, apply a bit of throttle to settle the car, and turn. Make sure to get nice an parallel to the inner edge of the track, and hold there just a second before turning into T14. If you do this right, you can be full on the gas at this point, slide the car a bit into T14 and right on through T15. Quick, smooth steering inputs is the key here. Don’t be afraid to use the track as you exit T15, there’s plenty of it, no reason to use too much steering there since your goal is to try and pick MPH up. Do try and get pointed down track as soon as you can without forcing it. Head right for start-finish, don’t follow the curve of the track.

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This is a really nice description. I wish I had it yesterday when I go there. You should put it on trackpedia if you haven't already. Make sure you list which car this is for since your instructions on gearing and wether or not to brake is great for your car, but I do have to brake for T7 just a touch. I'm coming in at about 100 and with the way the car was yesterday there's no way I could hold T7 at that speed.


Having never driven on TWS until yesterday, and taking students with less than 10 laps under me, I felt a little behind. Both my students had more laps on that track than I did. I was still able to make them go faster by the end of the day due to my developing the line and some quick pointers from AC on one of the instructor sessions. The attack to T1-2 and T4 helped a lot. The rest I sort of figured out from years of doing this, but those two spots were a big help.


Thanks AC for the pointers, and thanks Robert for writing this up.





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I've seen three lines through turn 1, and most lines seem to be a variation of these three:


Porsche High Line: Turn down hill late, brake into the yellow box and turn in for 2. Maintain acceleration across the transition to lighten the nose and make it easier. I see many Porsche taking this line.


Mid Line: Turn earlier than the high line, aiming for the cleaner area of pavement across the transition. This line has the most potential for disruption of the chassis balance, so acceleration across the transition is essential. Turn in is at the yellow box fro turn 2. This is the line taught by many schools, and is very safe, and it teaches a little more about scrubbing speed than the high line. I see many momentum cars doing something like this.


Low Line: Turn in across the flat, so you don't feel the transition at all. You will cross the blend line twice on this line, so make sure no one is in the pit out. Turn in for two is at the end of the blend line. This line is very much shorter than the other two, and you scrub tons of speed off turning. It takes a while to learn to brake light enough to do this fast, but it is rewarding. I would suggest higher wt/hp cars try this, and it's also a defensive racing line as it reaches the apex faster at two.


It's very good to know how to handle all of them, because this turn is one where you will be in traffic. If you know where the others are going to brake and turn in, you can go through with greater peace of mind.

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The T1-T2 notes include "then start a slow turn to the right.". Is that correct? Did you mean left?


In this case, probably not.  With Robert's description, he seems to be a touch off line and has to correct slightly to the right.  He's fixed that since this was written up.  If you line up properly, you'll be headed straight to the box when you turn in from the oval.


You should be turning left when you get towards the box, and for reference, I don't even get to the box at all.  I'm close, but not quite there.



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The problem with the low line is you need to turn in sharper and later to get the car to track out to the edge. You might end up scrubbing more speed but you cut a ton of distance.


I turn in before the yellow box. IIRC, it's more of an arc through T2. There's some camber along the curb on the inside so you just need to get it down to the apex. Then lots of runoff outside of T2 if you mess up.


The box will give you a late apex and is where most novices are taught to turnin.

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