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An Italian Miata?

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Dad has a 1979 Fiat 2000 spyder, which was the 2nd generation of the origional 124. It is quite literally the miata of the 70's. They packed a ton of technology only available to ferrari's at the time such as left/right rear brake biasing, 4 wheel discs, and dual wishbone suspension. It had like 100 hp with a handfull of turbo models made in 84, which was a lot for the day. They compared it to some porches and of course a few Alfa's and Lancia's. 


If the 124 does well, i'd bet you can fully expect a 2000 version, and likely an abarth.  Jesus an abarth 2000 would be sick. 

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A comparison with the ND: 




I'm wondering which car you guys think would make a better track car. On the one hand, the Fiat has a 1.4L engine that generates more torque starting at 2500 rpm due to the turbo. On the other, the ND is lighter and shorter. Thoughts?

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