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WTB: Track car for HPDE

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Did you read Ross Bentley's Speed Secrets this week? His recommendation for first track car:  Miata, old BMW 3 series or 944. His point was something without electronic traction control.


And no ABS!


It's amazing how bad the average intermediate-advanced DE driver is on threshold braking. It's like 70%, or full on ABS for most. Or even worse, it's not even consistent from corner to corner throughout a lap. I'm convinced having it as a crutch makes people never really work on honing that last little bit of braking skill.

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There's a few cars for sale above.


Reg threshold braking: easy to teach if the instructor cares enough and the student is willing. Hot pit at 60...deer jumps in front of you...BAM!!!


BTW: only traction control/abs/driver control on a GTA car is one thing: YOU!

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If you are learning and are going to be doing HPDE's I recommend a couple things:


1) reliable -- nothing worse than missing sessions because you are wrenching

2) keep the interior/sound proofing -- you want to be able to hear your instructor and hear your surroundings


I'm still learning -- but I started on a 944 -- so I believe in momentum cars.


If I were to start again -- probably Boxster or Miata for reliability reasons.



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Come out to ECR and test drive the truck. It might completely change your mind on which direction to go. I do not think you could find a more affordable track car/truck to run as little or as often as you want. I'll be at ECR June 18th for the monthly open track day



You should take Stan up on his offer. It's a nice race truck. Simple/easy to maintain, access to everything as it is a tube frame, and the front clip comes off from what I recall. Also - it's not often that test drives are offered on these type of vehicles.

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Porsche 996 C4S. It is ~320HP AWD. I am not looking to race. I just want a good HPDE car. I might time trial or race in the future but right now I am just having fun tracking. The 350/370Z also looks interesting but saw a few threads where it overheats and breaks. The budget is around 15K all in. so I want to spend less than that on the car so I have room to breathe.

I track a 2006  350Z  with absolutely not problems, 25 track days a season.   The overheating issue seems to be in pre-2006 cars.   The 350Z is a little heavier than comparable cars  3500lbs with about 300hp but handles great.     I follow Miata's around the track to learn their lines  because you have to drive it like momentum car.   If you get a Z,  I recommend a Track or GT version as they have the Brembo brakes,  they really are not bad with a good pad.    I upgraded to heavier sway bars and coil overs and its a really great handling car.  Just put a APR wing and splitter on it , first outing with Aero next weekend.   Hopefully this will allow me to carry more speed into corners as its tough getting going once you slow it down.

 If I upgraded it would be to a C6 Corvette which I plan on doing this fall.   

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My e36 is available.  This is the ad I bought it from https://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/3894-fstx-e36-race-car-nasa-gts-2-2013-2014-regional-champion/, and have invested easily another $10k in improvements and professional race prep.  Also comes with $1k spares package.  $22.5k   Current 2016 Tech in NASA, SCCA and BMWCCA, with logbooks from each.  Currently at H2R.   dave at TLBmotorsports.com 

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