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Brake Upgrade For My NC?

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Have they change the DTC60 compound since introduction? That stuff is seriously corrosive.

I haven't noticed any issues with it... and I rarely wash the car or the wheels.  They produce a LOT of brake dust, but they work extremely well for my application.

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I do like DTC. I actually prefer DTC60 over XP10 which I'm currently running. However, when I had DTC, the dust is fine as long as you keep it free of any moisture. Once the DTC dust gets wet, it etched into your paint. Say goodbye to your wheels' finish and the paint along your fender/doors.

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Never had those issues with dtc69 or 70 compounds.


I wash the race car every couple races with standard car wash soap and water, and will clean the wheels every 2-3 washes. Never had a problem with sticking or corrosive brake dust.

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