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Double O 86

Flyin' Miata Frame Rail reinforcement kit

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NA & NB Miata Frame Rail reinforcement kit


Brand New In Box 


My mistake is your gain - get this kit for the FM discounted price, but with free shipping!


$144.00 picked up at my office in NW Houston or at Texas World Speedway on December 19th or 20th


From the Flyin' Miata website:


"No welding is required for installation although 24 holes need to be drilled in the car. Fits all 1990-2000 Miatas as well as the 2001-02 Miatas without the Sport bracing. Sport cars and 2003-05 Miatas can use the braces although one of the factory cross bars has to be removed. The factory bar can be retained with a slight modification. If your factory rails have been damaged, they may need some massaging with a hammer to allow these to slip over top." 

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