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Notes/Tips/Line for NOLA?

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Headed to NOLA for the first time in a couple of weeks and looking for notes/video from some of you competent guys!   Can't find a reasonable written set anywhere on the internet.  What does the slow car/Miata line look like here?  Only videos I can find online are from races.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!

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Um, never mind, I'm drunk.




Sounds about on par for the plan for off track activities during the NOLA weekend  :tongue:

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Hope this helps...


Front Straight fast as you can (I hit 139mph)

Brake at 400 marker

Start turn in at 200 marker (79 mph at lowest point in the turn)

Riding the curb on the right side at Apex - hitting the far side at track out


Staying to the left mostly for the next corner - track out far right. 

Flat out - hit 123 mph on this straight. There is curbing on the right for a track configuration area. Brake at the end of that curbing. 

This corner I hit a low of 50 mph


Stay loosely tight around both corners then far left hit about 95 mph

Once I see the curbing ( perhaps 25 feet before). Brake


Turn the corner wide then tight (this is a half circle corner)


Track out far - hit top speed on this straight (you are now in line with the front straight) of 110mph

hit the brakes at curbing on the left - 97 mph slowest part of the corner

Hit the gas... slow to 98 for the next corner (you are now on the back (North?) part of the track)

Flat out.

The next turn - don't brake - [email protected] apex


130 mph on the straight and turn in at 130mph

Flat out next two corners (around 122mph)


You are now on the last straight on the back - hit 128mph

Brake at 300yd marker


Start turn in at 100 yard market (75 mph for the corner)

Rest is easy!


That's a lap at NOLA!

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