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2001 Honda S2000 - I guess it will be named Crisis...

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13 hours ago, hornetball said:

Now hear this:

Never trust a shiny aircraft.

The new ECR is awesome.

That is all.

(Navy veterans will know to add the appropriate boatswain whistles to the above)

I had a 1948 CJ2a...when it STOPPED leaking oil...that was a problem! LOL!!

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19 hours ago, robertcope said:

Had the car at ECR this weekend. What a machine. I'm in love again. It just delivers the fun.

Also, the oil issues seem to be fixed. I burned maybe 1/4qt this weekend. And we were on track a LOT.

I bet it's a BLAST to drive...how do, um, "larger" drivers fit? Chin has the best paid track day format...in my opinion...the Happy Hour is NICE*...the only track day group I'll run with...other than the ECR Open Track Days.

*BTW - on ECR Member Days the first session is a one hour endurance session.

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On 9/7/2020 at 10:10 AM, robertcope said:

Prepping an AP2v1 valve cover to go on the car. The AP2v1 valve cover has a different PCV setup which supposedly helps limit the amount of oil that is dumped into the intake under hard braking, right handers. This is a definite issue on early S2Ks; I bog heavily out of the Bus Stop @ MSRH, for example, and people tell me regularly that they thought my engine let go!

I also put holes in the baffling to enable oil to drain better, another common fix for this issue. I really don't want to have to put a catch can in place.

The AP2v1 seems to do a slightly better job of allowing the oil to drain back from the PCV unlike the AP1 covers. Lookup the "Rain H8R mod" which is essentially more holes in the baffle plate to allow draining. I have heard the RSX PCV Valve also helps some on those covers more.

As for the oil on the spark plugs, it's most likely the spark tube gaskets either being old or not sitting just right. It's a common thing on our cars, kind of annoying to deal with too. 


You can test and measure your coilpacks to see if they are the issue as well but it's not a bad idea to check the new ones too. Some say the K20 coilpacks are a bit better for longevity as they have better windings inside that when the magnetic field collapses they have more power. Really only needed on a boosted car but they are also cheaper.

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Hasn't been an update in a while. Mostly because I really haven't done much with the car. But today, I sold it. Don't worry, there is something coming to take its place...

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14 hours ago, hornetball said:

You sold a car . . . again?  I just don't understand.  That's like selling a child.



After how they acted this weekend, I'll gladly sell you my children.  the boy can break things all day long- he'd be great in a coal mine.  the girl is cute and can cook quite well, but she WILL NOT SHUT UP.  

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On 7/12/2021 at 5:13 PM, hornetball said:

You sold a car . . . again?  I just don't understand.  That's like selling a child.


Wait, what other car have I sold? I guess the Miata. But that was years ago! I wish I could keep them all, I just don't have the garage space. 😕

I think the new ride will more than make up for the S2K:


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