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2001 Honda S2000 - I guess it will be named Crisis...

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13 hours ago, hornetball said:

Now hear this:

Never trust a shiny aircraft.

The new ECR is awesome.

That is all.

(Navy veterans will know to add the appropriate boatswain whistles to the above)

I had a 1948 CJ2a...when it STOPPED leaking oil...that was a problem! LOL!!

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19 hours ago, robertcope said:

Had the car at ECR this weekend. What a machine. I'm in love again. It just delivers the fun.

Also, the oil issues seem to be fixed. I burned maybe 1/4qt this weekend. And we were on track a LOT.

I bet it's a BLAST to drive...how do, um, "larger" drivers fit? Chin has the best paid track day format...in my opinion...the Happy Hour is NICE*...the only track day group I'll run with...other than the ECR Open Track Days.

*BTW - on ECR Member Days the first session is a one hour endurance session.

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I don't think the S2K favors larger or taller drivers, sadly.

And yeah, Chin is definitely the best at giving good track time.

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