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speedracer 1990 Miata

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Just to catch everyone up on my Miata .   The new quick connect steering wheel was installed and I had the steering rack depowered.  That was an excellent modification which allows me in and out of the car with much less pain. 

The fans would not turn on so it needed a new sensor on top of the thermostat.   

So far it will not go over 87 mph. My son has a theory that if I hit 88 the flux capacitor will kick in.  So if you are following me and suddenly I vanish it is that I have gone back to the future.

Efforts to increase top speed discovered that at some point the exhaust system ate a catalytic converter. That resulted in installation of a new exhaust system.

The car survived all weekend so I signed up for another track day.

it will still not go over 87 so I am exploring other options to get it to go faster.

However before I endulge in go fast parts the car needs new brakes.   So  as with all track cars the budget has been thrown out of the window as I continue to throw money at the car hoping that at some point it will become a fast and reliable HPDE car. 



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The Miata is back in the shop this morning for new brakes and some new sway bars.    I am looking forward to an additional step forward in confidence with the car during the next HPDE event.   Nothing like new brakes to boost your confidence hammering the brakes before a low speed corner. 

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